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Not Going To The Houston Women's March

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Tomorrow should have been a day in which women across the Houston metro area gathered to march from the Buffalo Bayou Waterworks Building to Houston City Hall, rally, network and build momentum toward flipping this state blue during the November 6  elections

That's not going to happen because the white fauxminist organizers continued last year's problematic pattern of refusing to #TrustBlackWomen and erasing trans women.   Because they didn't correct last year's mistake and invite Houston Black feminine leaders to the table to help plan the event,  it is not going to be a gathering of all the women in the Houston area.

Houston's Black women, cis and trans are sitting this one out and planning their own event on March 3 at Emancipation Park.

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The white women running it declined to work with Houston Black feminine leaders from the outset, and don't .even get me started about their lack of outreach to the Houston trans feminine community.

Did you not get the lesson that if your feminism isn't intersectional, you're doing it wrong?
Obviously you didn't, and that's why I and many Houston Black feminine leaders and our allies WON"T be at your little party

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I find it laughably ironic one of your slogans for the Houston march is 'Hear our vote' when the women voters that have been speaking the loudest are the votes of the Black women who are the base of the Democratic Party. 

It is Black women's votes that powered Hillary Clinton capturing the Democratic nomination and nearly got her the presidency.   It was Black women's votes that powered the blue wave wins in Virginia and Alabama in 2017, and that will carry the Democrats to victory in November because far too many of you while women are voting for Republicans like Trump and Abbott. 

So when y;all kick that march off, I'll have something else to do.

Shut Up Fool Awards- One Year Under A Fool Edition

Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of the shameful moment in American history that we replaced the first Black president of the United States with an ignorant racist  buffoon

We're still here since Dear Orange Misleader hasn't triggered World War III yet, but still have to suffer through another two years of this misadministration. 

Let's get to this week's Shut Up Fool Award nominees 

Honorable mention number one is guess who?   Donald Trump for just pck an outrage.,

Honorable mention number two I go north of the border for to Canada.    The minimum wage in the province of Ontario went up to $14 on January 1, and Tim Hortons franchise owners Jason and Susan Holman reacted by cutting benefits to their employees, and when they complained, told them to blame Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne for it and 'not to vote Liberal' in June. 

For my TransGriot Canadian readers who live in Ontario, piss off the Holman's by voting Liberal 

Honorable mention number three is that two bit three block rapper Offset, who thinks he's all that because he's dating Cardi B's problematic azz.   He opened up his mouth to say he can't vibe with queers.

Dude, trust, none of them want to vibe with you either.

Honorable mention number four is Mat Blood, who is now 'ashamed' after being dared by friends to to do so, was videotaped shouting 'F*** N*****s! into a bullhorn with a Nazi flag draped over his shoulders.
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb..   Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumbbbbbb.   Ruining your life on a dare.
And you so-called master race fools have the nerve to call Black people stupid.       

Honorable mention number five is DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, for lying under oath during a congressional hearing and her Scandinavian descended azz trying to claim she didn't know if Norway was a predominately White country and t=Trump called Haiti and 54 African nations s***hole countries.

Honorable mention number six is the NY Times Editorial board, who is still trying to make excuses for their fellow white people racistly voting for Dear Orange Misleader

Harley Barber.This week's Shut Up Fool winner is  Harley Barber,  who got her Trump voting behind expelled from her Alpha Phi sorority and the University of Alabama for posting a racist video on Martin Luther King Day, being Becky Badass and doubling down on the racism, and then when the hammer fell down on her, crying white women's tears about what she'd done.   

Maybe you'll get a job on FOX Noise and a full ride at Liberty University.

But what you did learn this week is that racism costs.

Harley Berber, shut up fool!

Nominated Again For A GLAAD Media Best Blog Award!

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Yay me!

Been nominated for the third time for a GLAAD Media Award in the Outstanding Blog category.

This time my fellow nominees are Mark S. King's  My Fabulous Disease, Autostraddle, Gays With Kids and The Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.    It's also the first time I've ever gotten nominations for this award in consecutive years.

When you start a blog, the first consideration is not awards but filling an information need that you notice isn't being addressed for your community.   I've been blessed to be able to do that on TransGriot's electronic pages for 12 years now.

Mine is not the first trans themed blog to be nominated.   Dr. Kortney Ziegler's blac(k)ademic was the first to be nominated for a GLAAD Media Award  n 2013.   My first nomination for TransGriot didn't happen until a year later in 2014.

While a lot of the work in building TransGriot to this point was on me, it still would amount to nothing unless you readers liked what I had to say about many of the issues I talk about and share those posts in your influence circles. 

I've been pleased to hear that some of the people sharing those posts are high school teachers, college professors and politicians .   I've also been told by five people so far that reading posts on this blog dissuaded them from committing suicide. 

So in a sense, TransGriot's existence is not only literally saving lives, but educating people about our trans lives   

Congrats to all the nominees, and we'll see in a few months whether my third nomination in the Best Blog category is finally the one in which I get the historic win. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sen. Harris Calls Out DHS Secretary Nielsen

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'I am deeply concerned when we are-- just having celebrated the birth of of Dr. Martin Luther King, who spoke about the effect of racism in this country and words that are motivated by racism.  For so many reasons they are harmful.  They have led to death.  At their mildest form, which is not mild, it suggests to one group of people that they are inferior, and to another that they are superior, to their fellow man.'
-Sen Kamala Harris    

Sen. Cory Booker wasn't the only member of the Senate Judiciary committee that called out Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen about her memory lapses and ignoring that the US has a white supremacist terror problem.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)  also called out Secretary Nielsen about her concerns about the Trump misadministration racism before pivoting to taking about DHS policy.


Meet Ghanian Trans Woman Angela Coleman

One of the things that was also a catalyst towards me founding TransGriot 12 years ago was wondering where was the information and stories concerning trans people from the second largest continent on planet Earth?

I knew African trans people existed, but the information about international trans folks was largely focused on Europe, Asia and Latin America and not Africa.

That bothered me as a child of the African Diaspora,  and I made it a mission of this blog to seek those stories out and bring them to my readers.  #WeExist, especially on the African continent

It is a sincere joy for me during my travels and online surfing to not only encounter trans people from the Mother Continent, but hear about their journeys and stories.   

In many cases, like Audrey Mbugua of Kenya, her fight to be herself has established legal precedents in her nation.  Another African trans person in Victor Mukasa of Uganda sued and won a lawsuit against his nation for harassing him but unfortunately had to flee his homeland to eventually live in the United States 

African trans people have persevered in the quest to be eir authentic selves even in the face of severe societal disapproval, and those stories need to be heard by their African descended cousins on this side of the planet.

It also drives home the point that it is not 'unAfrican' to be transgender. 

Here's a video about 26 year old Angela Coleman, who is probably the first out trans person in the nation of Ghana

Trump Trying To Push Medical Transphobia

One of the things that I and every Black trans person is painfully aware of is the story of Tyra Hunter. 

On August 7, 1995 she was involved a survivable SE Washington DC traffic accident.  She was unfortunately denied medical care by DC Fire Department EMT Adrian Williams and at the hospital where she was eventually transported and died as a result of the medical transphobia she experienced.

Image result for Robert Eads
Tyra Hunter is not the only case of documented medical transphobia that resulted in death.   There's the case of Robert Eads, whose story is told in the documentary Southern Comfort.   He died of ovarian cancer because 20 doctors refused to take him on as a patient and treat the disease when it was detected in the early stages and he had better odds of surviving it

These are mine and my community's nightmare scenarios as trans persons when it comes to medical care, and it's why we cheered when the Affordable Care Act was passed with provisions in it to end medical discrimination and medical transphobia aimed at transgender Americans.

Now Dear Orange Idiot, in his never ending attempts to pander to white fundamentalists who hate the trans community, is proposing that medical personnel be allowed to deny treatment to transgender people on the basis of their religious beliefs. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services building is pictured. | GettyNot no but hell no will we allow that to happen

What Trump is proposing is allowing the Health and Human Services civil rights office to protect healthcare workers who don't want to provide abortions, treat transgender patients, help them transition or any other medical procedures they have a religious or moral objection to like artificial insemination a woman who is part of a lesbian couple who wishes to have a child.

This is the use of religion to hurt people because you disapprove of who they are," said Harper Jean Tobin of the National Center for Transgender Equality. "Any rule that grants a license to discriminate would be a disgrace and a mockery of the principle of religious freedom we all cherish."

For for faith based bigots who are in the medical professions, if you didn't want to serve and provide care for all people as you Hippocratic Oath and various professional ethics orgs require you to do, then you should have NEVER gotten into those health care professions in the first place.   

If Health and Human Services goes there, see y'all in court.

Sorority Bigot Expelled From University of Alabama After Racist Video

Harley Barber.
Well, looks like another Sorority Bigot Becky had to learn a couple of lessons the hard way.

*Being in the South doesn't give your straight outta New Jersey behind carte blanche to indiscriminately say the n-word.

*Don't put you bigotry out there on the Net where you WILL get called on it, especially by Black Twitter

*This WILL be following you for the rest of your life

*Being a bigot costs, and you shedding white tears after the fact will not protect you from paying that cost 

In this case it cost Harley Barber her membership in the Alpha Phi sorority and got the 19 year old freshman expelled from the University of Alabama for her expletive filled videotaped rant she posted on of all days Martin Luther King, Jr Day.

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Despite her sorority sisters in the Beta Mu chapter warning her not to post it, Bigot Becky kept right on going, doubling down on her videotaped hate speech.

Maybe she was auditioning for the FOX Noise show Outnumbered.   Naah, wrong hair color for that.

Image result for alpha phi sorority alabama
And then the hammer came down for her actions.   She was expelled from Alpha Phi sorority and from the University of Alabama on Tuesday.

"Alpha Phi is a diverse, values-based organization and condemns the language and opinions in these videos," Linda Kahangi, the executive director of Alpha Phi International, said in a statement.  "They are offensive and hateful to both our own members and to other members of the Greek and campus community. The [University of Alabama] chapter leadership and supporting alumnae moved quickly to address the offense, and Ms. Barber is no longer a member of Alpha Phi." 

Then the second hammer came down hours laters on Tuesday from the University of Alabama, courtesy of UA President Stuart R. Bell. 

  "In light of the racist and disturbing videos posted by one of our students on social media, I want to express my personal disgust and disappointment.
Image result for university of alabama
Like many of you, I find the videos highly offensive and deeply hurtful, not only to our students and our entire University community, but to everyone who viewed them. The actions of this student do not represent the larger student body or the values of our University, and she is no longer enrolled here. 
We hold our students to much higher standards, and we apologize to everyone who has seen the videos and been hurt by this hateful, ignorant and offensive behavior. This is not who we are; it is unacceptable and unwelcome here at UA. These types of incidents affect community members differently. If you have been impacted and would like additional support, please access resources here that are available to you on our campus. 
Over the last year, I have had conversations with many of you who shared your UA experiences with me. You have voiced your pride in the progress we have made, but we still have much work to do. I want to thank all of the students, faculty and staff who met today to have conversations about this event and the steps we can take, individually and collectively, to create a more welcoming and inclusive campus. You have my commitment and the commitment of our leadership team to sustain progress and address directly any issues that arise. 
I know you join me in taking a stand against this and all reprehensible behavior. As members of this community, we are a family and this is our home. Everyone has a right to feel safe and welcome here."
Roll Tide!   She's probably on the bus from Tuscaloosa back to Marlton, New Jersey  now   And if you're wondering if she's a Republican and a Trump supporter, yep she is.

harley barber
But no Harley, you not only just learned you can't say the n-word in the South (or anywhere else in the USA) you're just the latest bigoted white person to learn the hard lesson that racist speech, especially when it's videotaped, has consequences.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Williams Watch- Gone From The Australian Open

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The first tennis major of the year is finally here, and neither Williams sister is in it.

As y'all already know, Serena gave birth to her daughter Alexis back in September, and had targeted the Australia Open as her time to return to competitive tennis.

But after entering a warm up tournament Down Under and not playing up to her exacting standards. she and her coach decided it would be better for her to spend more time on the practice court getting up to Serena level, and withdrew from the Australian Open. 

Image result for Venus Williams Australian Open
That left number five in the world ranked Venus to rep the Williams family tennis honor in Melbourne.   She came into this tournament having had a wonderful 2017 season, played in two Grand Slam finals (Australian, Wimbledon and the WTA Finals and was seeded fifth.

Unfortunately fifth seeded Big Sis was one of the eight players who went down in the opening round of the Australian Open.  She fell in straight sets to Belinda Bencic 3-6, 5-7.   Benci herself was upset in the next round.

Oh well, sad to see that Venus' work week in Melbourne was a short one.   See y'all in Paris for the French Open. 

And hope Serena is there as well.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's -3 In Houston....

Minus 3 celsius that is.   That's 26 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.

Every few years Houston actually experiences winter weather with snow, ice, freezing rain and below freezing temps.   After we had a warmer than normal winter of 2016-17, I just had a feeling we were going to get some serious cold weather in H-town this year

The temperature was 52 degrees (11 C) at midnight but as the arctic blast settled over the Houston area, the temperature quickly plunged to 29 degrees (-2 C) by 4 AM CST as the light rain, sleet and snow wintry mix moved in early Tuesday morning.

Image result for Houston ice storm 2018
The wintry mix compained with the steady temperature drop coated roads, freeways, bridges and overpasses with a layer of ice at over 100 spots across the Houston area that snarled and backed up traffic on I-10 in Chambers County for the folks trying to go westbound.

Houston Ice Storm: Schools Close For Second Day Of Freezing Temps
I-69 in Fort Bend County where it crosses the Brazos River was also closed   There were over 300 accidents in a 9 hour period despite lighter H-town traffic as people heeded Mayor Turner's call to stay off the roads  Over 900 flights were canceled at IAH and Hobby airports.

While the rest of y'all around the country may be laughing about us being shut down because of the icy weather, we've already lost two lives so far because of this arctic blast.  A homeless person died on Houston's southeast side behind a dumpster due to hypothermia along with one fatal car accident in Montgomery County. 

And the arctic air and hard freeze is going to stick around for the next fourteen hours along with a wind chill in the single digits ..

Image result for Houston ice storm 2018
'The Icepocalypse' as they're calling it forced METRO to shut down transit operations at 5:30 PM because of the increasingly dangerous traffic conditions.   Government offices and business including The Galleria mall shut down at 3 PM.   HISD and other area school districts were closed today and already announced they would do so tomorrow along with UH and some area colleges.

And as long as I have heat and power, I'm good.

Sen. Booker Calls Out DHS Secretary For Silence About Trump's Racism

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) put Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen on blast during a Senate oversight committee hearing today or cosigning Trump's racist comments about Haiti and other African nations

He also called he out for her convenient bout of amnesia when question about Trump's comments.

“The commander in chief, in an Oval Office meeting, referring to people from African countries and Haitians with the most vile and vulgar language — that language festers,” Sen. Booker said. “When ignorance and bigotry is alive with power, it’s a dangerous force in our country. Your silence and your amnesia is complicity.”
He also call Nielsen out about DHS ignoring the overwhelming evidence concerning white supremacist terrorism in this country.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy King Day 2018!

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'In a time when it's hard for us to generate infinite hope in the face of the crushing disappointment of the November 8 election results, it's what we must do right now.  Our kids are counting on us to fight for them and the America we want to see harder than this conservafool nightmare the right wing fought hard for decades to make happen.' 
-TransGriot, January 15, 2017 

Happy King Day TransGriot readers!  This is one of those King Day federal holidays that every few years also falls on his January 15 birthday. 

But on this King Day I'm thinking in terms of the hell we went through and the New York village idiot in charge of the Oval Office.

The past year was one that will live in historic infamy. Rampant racism coming from Trump and his GOP.  A media that needs to do their job and call the unjust actions out and call a lie a lie instead of trying to sugarcoat crap. 

But it's a year later, and the signs are we didn't lose infinite hope in this nation.

In Texas we killed the unjust SB 6 bill twice.  We made it die in the regular season and again in the Special Oppression Session.   In Virginia we finally got a trans person elected to and seated in a state legislature while unseating one of our community's legislative enemies at the same time in Bigot Bob Marshall.   We also got two Black trans people elected to the Minneapolis City Council in Councilmembers Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham

The resistance to the Trump tyranny is continuing to grow.   Whether it's federal judges who follow the rule of law and block his unjust executive orders and policies to good men and women who can't stand what has happened to this country since his election, people are choosing to fight the Orange Power instead of bow down to it as Omarosa claimed we would.  .

Oh yeah, has anyone seen Omarosa lately since she got bounced from the White House?  Her useful fool time is up and she got kicked to the curb.

Image result for Joy Reid
And with no nonsense media people like Joy Reid and April Ryan leading the way (#TrustBlackWomen), the media seems to be finally pushing back against the nonstop Trump lies and conspiracy theory idiocy instead of letting them pass without being called out.

A critical midterm election is coming up.   In Texas alone after their attempts to legislate injustice aimed at the LGBT community failed, we have seen 50 TBLGQ community members step up to run for office. in the Lone State State, and five of those candidates are transgender.

November 6 will be here before we know it, so get registered and handle your 2018 election business

And I'm hopeful this is the year my Black cis family stops looking at their trans siblings as embarrassments or worse and start respecting and recognizing out humanity and the talents we bring to our kente cloth covered family table .

And kids, Happy King Day!   I hope we elders make you proud as we fight for a better America and better world on your behalf. 

Daroneshia's Dream

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Today being Dr King's birthday has many of us who have stepped up to leadership roles in our community contemplating what would MLK Jr do if he were around to lend his voice to the civil rights issue of our times in terms of trans human rights.

Daroneshia Duncan, the founding executive director of TAKE Community Services in Birmingham, AL  had an interesting trans themed take (pun intended) on Dr. King's 'I Have A Dream; speech That I wanted to share with you on this King Day.

And now, Daroneshia D. Duncan

As we celebrate the 89th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was inspired by his 'I
 Have A Dream" Speech. 

I have a dream that Black Trans Women will one day live in a nation where we will not be judged by our genitals, but by the content of our character. 

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women's lives are valued as a human being.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women will bond together stronger in sisterhood.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women can live oppression free.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women will be given RESPECT without having to demand it.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women will be accepted within our own Black community as women.

Trans at last, Trans at last,  thank God almighty BLACK TRANS WOMEN are FREE


Thanks, Daroneshia   

Happy 110th Founders Day, AKA!

January 15 was also the day in Black history in which America's first collegiate sorority for African-American women was founded 110 years ago on the Howard University campus.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc was founded on this day in 1908, and 110 years later the pretty girls who wear twenty pearls number nearly 300,000 college educated women across the the US and the world.  Those women are found in many fields from politics, education, sports, business, the media, the military, legal , criminal justice and social justice realms.

Some of those wonderful women who wear AKA's salmon pink and apple green colors include my mom, sister and other members of my own family. 

Image result for 68th boule alpha kappa alphaThis year also means that it's Boule time.   

And in another example, Texas conservafools of the nice things you get when you don't pass blatantly discriminatory legislation,  the 68th annual AKA convention will be coming to the George R,Brown Convention Center here in Houston this July.

And yes Texas GOP, this is a multimillion dollar major convention that we almost lost because of your idiocy that was thankfully thwarted by Texas House legislative grownups.

Looking forward to seeing you AKA's in my hometown this summer

And o yeah,  Happy Founders' Day! 


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Not Down With Endorsing Chelsea Manning's Run For US Senate

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I have been saying for years that trans people need to run for office, and many have answered that call.   In the 2017 cycle we even had several get elected to the Virginia General Assembly, two to the Minneapolis City council, and several others to city councils and a school board across the country.

In my home state of Texas in this 2018 cycle we now have five trans people running for office.  Four are running for the Texas state legislature, and one is running for Congress.

Kim Coco Iwamoto is now running for the Hawaii lieutenant governor's chair.

And sadly, we also have a barely out of federal prison for violations of the Espionage Act Chelsea Manning now deciding she wants to run for office. 

Image result for Ben cardin
She's primary challenging current US Senator. Ben Cardin (D-Maryland).  Really?   A sitting senator who is a longtime friend to our community in that chamber? 

How do I know that?  When I was lobbying on Capitol Hill back in the late 90's, he was one of the representatives at that time who was ahead of the curve when it came to trans rights issues.

Cardin was also one of the congress members who gave me and other trans advocates participating in the 1999 GenderPac Lobby Day a warning about the backlobbying that had been done to us on Capitol Hill.

While I'm always down for qualified trans people running for office, and it really makes my day when trans people run and win, I'm not ride or die with this Senate race for a few reasons.
*Chelsea is a polarizing figure inside and outside the trans community.  You either think she's a hero or a traitor.  (I lean in the traitor direction)

*She has little chance of beating Ben Cardin 
*Trans vets have a massive dislike of her because they believe her actions almost screwed with our fight to get open trans military service in the US.  Some trans vets I've talked to about her also believe she brought dishonor to the up until that point sterling service reputation of transgender troops in our military
*Senators have access to classified data, and Chelsea, would not be trusted with it after being convicted of handing over nearly 750,000 documents to RussiaLeaks.

And if you think I'm kidding about what the trans vets think about her, here's Shane Ortega's thoughts about Chelsea Manning.


WTF 2018, Chelsea Manning cannot be elected to the US Senate! 
It simply boils down to she is not qualified nor mature and tactically patient enough to lead. She has already had the opportunity to serve the nation and failed.
What is that example?   That example of failed leadership is being the poor way in which she chose to be a whistle blower.  She could have used discretion or the chain of command in releasing and reporting her findings and she chose not to do that.  She was held accountable by UCMJ (Universal Court of Military Justice) for that.
Image result for Shane OrtegaTruly loyal service members respect the integrity of the UCMJ and chain of command. They would never release 700,000* classified documents to Wikileaks. They would go to an official news company as they have practice in releasing this type of information.

That did not happen, and because it didn't. Marines and Navy Seals were killed because of it and documents she released were found in the cave with Osama bin Laden. 
Her crime was not being transgender or positive intentions to reveal the the truth. It is the manner and fact of the deplorable zealous way that it was enacted. 
Furthermore her behavior surrounding her gender while imprisoned was also not up to standard.
She used that as an excuse for her behavior and has truly benefited off her white privilege.   No other transgender women who were incarcerated have walked away with $100,000 donated dollars and a book deal pushed by non-profit organizations.


Image result for benjamin cardin
Curious as to who put the bug in her ear to primary challenge Cardin.  He was an enthusiastic supporter of  Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, and she overwhelmingly won in Maryland by a 62.5%-33.8% margin.  Cardin has also been a huge critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin

That's one of many questions she needs to answer.  Even if she does, it's not going to change my mind about the fact that I can't support or endorse her in this race.

Image result for Chelsea manning
Because Manning was convicted of an Espionage Act violation, and only had her sentence commuted by President Obama, it's highly unlikely she'd get another clearance.

That means Maryland Dems toying with the idea of voting for her, without that crucial security clearance, she would not be able to see classified documents or sit in briefings, meetings or Senate committee hearings in which classified information is presented.

And no, she hasn't put in the work or time in this community to think she can represent us at the federal level.

Can We Make 2018 The Year We Free Ky Peterson?

Ky Peterson. (Photo: Courtesy of Freedom Overground)
One of the things I would love to see happen in 2018 is for Ky Peterson to be freed from his unjust incarceration in Georgia for defending himself

If you haven't heard about Ky Peterson's story.   He was living in Americus, GA and minding his own business on a fateful October 28, 2011 day waiting for his brothers to come out of a convenience store when a man approached and started asking him questions about his gender identity. 

Peterson, having been sexually and physically assaulted, began to feel  uncomfortable with the line of questioning and the man standing over him. 

As a result of the first sexual assault, he began carrying a gun in his bag.  The man standing over him raised red flads, so he decided to head home.   While cutting through a trailer park, he felt something hit the back of his head before blacking out. 

He awake to find himself in a trailer being raped by that man from the convenience store, screamed and hit his assailant.   The screams alerted his brothers, who pulled the man off Ky . 
The assailant ten charged at Ky who pulled his gun out of his bag and killed him.

Petersen ended up getting sentenced to 20 years in prison for basically defending himself from his rapist.  His first parole hearing isn't scheduled until July 2021 

Where is the NAACP on this case?   TBLGQ justice organizations?   Georgia gubernatorial candidates? I couldn't go a day without hearing about Chelsea manning, but there's silence about the unjust treatment of Jy Peterson.

Well, let's step up our human rights game. people   Let's work on getting Ky Peterson out of jail in 2018

Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis Calls Out Trump Racist Comment

Image result for Rep John Lewis
I haven't commented on 45's comment because I told y'all during the 2016 campaign he was a racist POS and some of y'all were too caught up in hatin' on Hillary to listen.

Can you hear my azz now?

Here's civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) commenting on Trump's s***hole comment in a recent MSNBC interview 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Queens At Heart Documentary

Image result for Queen at Heart Documentary 1967
One of the New Year's resolutions I also made in relation to the blog was a renewed commitment to documenting and uncovering our history. 

Queens At Heart is a 1967 documentary that focuses on four trans women, Misty, Vicky, Sonja and Simone and the drag ball scene of the time.   It also gives people a glimpse of the world our trans pioneers were navigating at the time    It was a world in which you were breaking the law and faced arrest if you were crossdressing or wearing feminine clothes while transitioning at the time.

Related image

The Houston anti-crossdressing ordinance even had a provision in which women could be arrested if they were caught wearing fly front jeans

Thanks ti Misty, Vicky, Sonja and Simone for consenting to do these interviews with Jay Martin that serve as a time capsule like slice of life.of that time.

I was in kindergarten when this documentary was released, so I felt like I was staring into the eyes of my trans ancestors while watching it.   It also gives us a idea of how far we have come since the 1960's when it comes to our understanding of transsexuality, how we discuss trans issues.

2017-18 NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

The NFL playoffs move into the divisional rounds as the survivors from Wild Card Weekend play the highers seeded teams that got to chill and watch them play last weekend.

Went 2-2 last weeknd.   Got the Sunday wild card games rights but the Saturday ones I didn't.

Let's see If I can do a better job on this this weekend's playoff games.

Saturday Games

#6 Atlanta Falcons at  #1 Philadelphia Eagles on NBC

Image result for atlanta falcons
The opening Saturday game has the Falcons traveling to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection to take on the NFC East champion Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field.

And the Eagles will be trying to get through this game with their backup QB Nick Foles after Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in Week 15.   The Falcons sant the Rams packing with a 26-13 win in LA, and they'll send the Eagles packing as well

Falcons to move on to the NFC Championship game

#5 Tennessee Titans at #1 New England Patriots on CBS

Image result for titans vs patriots playoff
The Saturday nightcap game has the Traitors  Titans taking on the Cheatriots Patriots at Gillette Stadium    The question going into this game is will the Titans be able to run the ball down New England's throat or will the Patriots do unto them what they do to a lot of teams and take away what that team likes to do best?     I'm betting they will.

And after reading that story about their dynasty may be over, the Patriots are going to be in an angry mood.

Patriots to advact to the AFC Championship game

Sunday Games

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars at #2 Pittsburgh Steelers on CBS

This is a rematch of a Week 5 october 8 game in which the Jags marched into Heinz Field and walked out with a 30-9 win that served notice to the rest of the league these aren't the Jags that sucked through much of the last decade.

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However, this isn't the same Steelers team they faced in October either.   Since that game the AFC North champs have gone 10-1 with the only loss being a questionable officated one to the Patriots. You can also bet that Ben Roethlisberger won't be throwing five interceptions like he did in that October game

It's playoff time and the Steelers will be itching for payback.    And oh yeah, temp is forecast to be 18 degrees at kickoff.

And they'll get it too.    Steelers to advance to the  AFC Championship game.

#4 New Orleans Saints vs  #2 Minnesota Vikings on FOX

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This Sunday night game is also a rematch of a regular season game.   The Saints traveled to US Bank Stadium in the opening week of the season to play the Vikings in a game that wa s 26-16 win for the Vikings. 

Sam Bradford was the Vikings quarterback at the time,  now it's Case Keenum (Go Coogs!) 

The Vikings under Keenum have been 11-3.   But the Saints have also evolved since that Week 1 loss.   Their secondary went from being a mess to one of the strengths of the team,.   Their rushing attack with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram is one of the most potent in the league

Case is also making his first playoff start.

So who is going to win this game?   As much as I'd love to see Case in the NFC title game and the Super Bowl that's being played in their home stadium, I'm going with the playoff experience of Drew Brees 
to march all the way to the NFC Championship