Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hot Topic Talk Show

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Next Tuesday October 24 I'll be on this talk show with Flex Jonez to talk about whatever we can fit in subject wise in that allotted time span.

Whether it's the state of the Black Trans Community, Caitlyn Jenner's problematic azz, 45's misadministration, us trans Texans stopping the passage of the anti-trans SB 6/3 in Texas, I'm down to talk about it.     

From 5-7 PM CDT, you'll be hearing me on this Blogtalk radio show, and you can join the convo at #1-646-668-8561 

Thanks for the invite and looking forward to being part of what is sure to be interesting two hours of radio 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards- Happy Birthday Sen. Kamala Harris Edition

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Today is the 53rd birthday of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)  I have much love and  respect for her (even if the Berners don't) because she is being considered as one of the people who could be a possible 2020 Democratic nominee for president.

And the GOP is 'scurred' of her.  They felt so threatened by her they sent Karl Rove to Cali in 2010 and spent a bunch of money to try and fail to keep her from winning her first term as California AG

#Kamala2020?    We'll see how that plays out. 

Today is also Friday, and y'all know what happens on this day/  I get to call out some fools.

I'm not even teasing you with honorable mention picks, I'm going straight to the WTF idiocy.

This week I'm calling out that spawn of Satan Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council. 

In a week in which we are discussing sexual assault, he's blaming men harassing women on get this, allowing transgender, bi, lesbian and gay Americans to serve in our military.

I can't with this idiocy.

He spends far too much time focused on bedrooms and who does what in them.   You got something to hide?   You know what they say about those who doth protesteth too much. 

Tony Perkins. Shut Up Fool!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks- Week 7

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We're almost at the halfway point of the 2017 NFL season and the only thing that is certain about this season is that it has been hard to predict from week to week what teams will do.

Week 6 was a disaster and my first losing week since 2015.   Mike Watts also had a bad one, but it sucked less than mine.  Despite the disastrously embarrassing week, he only gained a game on me and I still lead. 

But can't afford any more weeks like that if I'm going to threepeat.

Someone else who had a better week was Deshaun Watson, who is now in the discussion for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.   He paid tribute to Oilers Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon before the game and ten played like him during it by torching the Cleveland Browns in their 33-17 win to even their record at 3-3 and give them a share of the AFC South lead after the Jaguars lost going into their bye week.

The Texans along with the Detroit Lions are watching the rest of the NFL play, so fifteen games to select.  My picks in BOLD print with home team in CAPS.   Mike's Week 6 picks are here.   

So let's get busy with this week's picks

Week 6 Results                                                                           2017 NFL Season
TransGriot   4-10                                                                          TransGriot 54-37
Mike             5-9                                                                           Mike          51-40

Thursday Night Game
Chiefs over OAKLAND

Sunday Early Games
BILLS over Buccaneers
Panthers over BEARS
Titans over Browns
Saints over PACKERS
Jaguars over COLTS
Cardinals over RAMS
Jets over DOLPHINS
VIKINGS over Ravens

Sunday Afternoon Games
Cowboys over 49ERS
STEELERS over Bengals
Broncos over CHARGERS
Seahawks over GIANTS

Sunday Night Game
PATRIOTS over Falcons

Monday Night Game
EAGLES over Washington

Spirit Day 2017

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Today is Spirit Day, the day created by Canadian teen Brittany McMillian in 2010 as a high school student in conjunction with GLAAD as a response to a wave of highly publicized suicides involving TBLGQ students, including Tyler Clementi's at Rutgers.

It was named Spirit Day in honor of the purple stripe on the Gilbert Baker designed rainbow flag, in which the purple stripe represents 'spirit'.  People are also encouraged to wear purple clothing on this day in order to express visible support for TBLGQ youth during National Bullying Prevention Month.

According to a GLSEN study, 8 out of 10 TBLGQ students has reported being bullied or harassed.

Originally celebrated on October 20 in 2010-11 and October 19 in 2012, it has been since 2013 now celebrated on the third Thursday in October

Image result for Kylie Perez NewarkAnd we need this Spirit Day now more than ever.  With an openly hostile federal administration and attorney general hell bent on discriminating against TBLGQ people, the bullies are taking their cues from the alleged grownups and attacking our kids. 

Trans feminine high school student Kylie Perez was recently assaulted by four kids in the halls of East Side HS in Newark, New Jersey.  The four students caught on the school's security cameras taking part in assaulting Perez and the three who did nothing but videotape it on their cell phones have been suspended.

To her credit, Kylie is not going to let this quietly fade away, she is speaking up about it. /

Across the Hudson River is an example of what can happen if bullying isn't address and stamped out by school,administrators.  18 year old bisexual student Abel Cedeno is facing manslaughter charges for fatally stabbing on September 27 one of his tormentors and wounding another one after enduring repeated bullying and anti-BTLGQ slurs aimed at him. 

So yes, show your support for our kids on this Spirit Day by breaking out your purple clothes, and doing what you can to help stem the tide of bullying  on th   

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2018 NFL Draft Will Be In Dallas

See Texas conservafools?   When you don't pass hatemongering legislation like SB 6/3 you get nice things as a result. 

One of those nice things we just received was word that the NFL has finally made a decision on who will host the 2018 NFL Draft, and next April it will be up I-45 from me in Dallas.

Reality is it will be in the Dallas suburb of Arlington, but the city of Dallas is still going to get a chunk of that sports tourist money.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced today that the 2018 NFL Draft will be held in the DFW Metroplex from April 26-28.   

The Jerrydome, AKA AT&T Stadium will host the 2018 NFL Draft's first round in primetime on April 26. The draft's second and third rounds will be conducted on Friday April 27 at the Jerrydome, with the final rounds 4-7 on April 28 at The Star.

Image result for the star in friscoThe Cowboys became heavy favorites in April to get the draft in large part because of  The Star, their 91 acre headquarters complex in suburban Frisco, TX that contains hotels and a 12,000 seat stadium that the Frisco ISD uses for football, soccer and commencements.

The Texas GOP attempts to pass the unjust SB 6 and SB 3 in the Special Oppression Session nearly derailed the Cowboys effort to bring the draft to the Lone Star State, with this year's host Philadelphia, Kansas City and Green Bay also in the running to host the draft 

Since 2015, the NFL Draft has become a travelling roadshow, with Chicago hosting it in 2015-16 and Philadelphia kicking it up another level last year by hosting it outdoors for the first time and creating a fan fest for it a few months ago. 

The 2018 NFL Draft will break ground as the first one held in an NFL stadium,  A stadium with 100,000 seats in which there will be a nice sized posse of Texans fans sitting there cheering the Texans draft picks when they are announced

Black Trans Advocacy Dallas HQ Building Sold

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As we know in Black Trans World, it's never a easy peasy road for us to just simply live our lives.  We have times when the road is as smooth as freshly poured concrete on a brand new stretch of highway, and times when we're rolling along and hit a pothole that blows out a car tire. 

The same is true for the organizations that serve us.   Since we don't get the same level of funding that white led trans organizations get or have deep pocketed funders we can call on in a pinch, it can be challenging at times to get the donations and grants we need to fund the programs that are necessary to serve our people.

Black Trans Advocacy is the umbrella org for Black Transmen, Inc.,  Black Transwomen, Inc., the Black Trans International Pageantry System and the Black Trans Advocacy Conference and recently received some news that fits the blown tire scenario I laid out in the first paragraph.

Image result for North dallas office park sold 3530 Forest Ln

The Dallas office park at 3530 Forest Lane that has hosted BTA's office in them for several years was recently sold a few days ago to a real estate development firm in suburban Southlake, TX.   The developer has plans to tear down two of the smaller office buildings, renovate the remaining one and use the space created by demolishing the two smaller office buildings to build a storage facility on it.
Image result for Black Trans Advocacy Dallas
That means that the small businesses and organizations who have their offices in the two buildings slated for demolition will have to move.   Unfortunately BTA's office suite is in one of the buildings staed for demolition, and they have been given 60 days notice to vacate.

BTA now has the challenge of finding new affordable office space and once they do, move to that new space, set it up, and then resume planning for the upcoming BTAC 2018 conference 

But knowing them, with some help, they will rise to the challenge and get back on track in executing their primary mission of unapologetically serving the Black trans and gender variant community. 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No Always Means No

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In the wake of all the conversation being generated about the #MeToo hashtag that gets people who feel comfortable doing so to talk about sexual assault and sexual harassment, just have to remind some peeps before I get to the heart of what I want to talk about in this post that trans masculine and trans feminine peeps are also dealing with this issue as well.


What the hashtag created by a Black woman (Tarana Burke) has done is got me thinking about a conversation that my late father had with me and my brother when we were teenagers concerning sex and dating.

Related imageHe told us that the line between a sexual encounter and being charged with rape was a very thin one, and that if we didn't want to be going to jail, we'd better be paying extremely close attention to what the girl was saying at that moment, not what she was doing.

He illustrated his point by laying out a scenario for us in which the girl in question was in her underwear and intimately touching and kissing you, then suddenly says."No."

My dad's matter of fact blunt advice about that scenario was this:  If that no happens, she meant it.  So at that moment you get up, thank her for a lovely evening, and come home to take a cold shower.

It was advice that kept up both out of dating trouble, and I realized later was his way of explaining the concept of 'No Means No' to us.

Far too often I heard conversations in which guys claimed that a 'no' meant you hadn't closed the sexual sale with the person in question.   This 1989 episode of A Different World  entitled fittingly 'No Means No' makes it quite clear what it is and what's gonna happen to you legally if you ignore that no.


No always means no, and that lesson needs to be taught by parents before their kids hit puberty.

If they don't, then they will be watching that child being tried for a sexual assault and being put on the sexual offender list.

Transphobia At The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

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Love my sis Daroneshia Duncan, who as the founding executive director of the Birmingham based TAKE Resource Center,  has been doing some wonderful things getting the Birmingham and Alabama trans community the services they need and organizing them to own their power.

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This weekend they hosted in Birmingham their first ever Alabama Trans Persons of Color caucus, and after the two days of empowering seminars and events, they took the attendees to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute on Sunday for a tour. 

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Unfortunately Duncan posted an account of the visit on her Facebook page in which she stated that several of the attendees were constantly misgendered and harassed throughout their tour of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and a male employee took pics of them on his personal camera without their consent. 

When he was asked why, he tried to use his alleged status as a godchild of the late civil rights warrior Rosa Parks as a human shield for his problematic behavior.

Sinseriti Starr asked to see a BCRI manager to express her dissatisfaction with how their group was treated, and she and the TAKE group was approached by an all cis male security staff, disrespectfully told no manager was on duty and to immediately leave the Birmingham Civil  Rights Institute building.

And nope, Moni ain't happy hearing about that.

One thing they are going to learn at BCRI is to not piss off and disrespect my Magic City family

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It seems as though the BCRI has embedded transphobia in their midst they need to address with their staff.   When Duncan posted about their less than pleasant experience at the BCRI, another person responded that the same thing happend to a youth group she was chaperoning several years ago .

One thing they also need to learn is that Black trans people are Black people.   We didn't forfeit our Black Cards or Blackness when we transitioned, and that Civil Rights Movement history is history we are immensely proud of.

We are also perusing that history in order to replicate the success of the African American Civil Rights movement into the trans rights one.

Another lesson they will get taught and hopefully learn is that you will treat Black trans people with the same dignity and respect you would demand for yourself,

And you will learn that lesson starting today.

Monday, October 16, 2017

New 'Black Panther' Movie Trailer

I already have February 16 circled on my calendar.

So what's transpiring on that day?   In addition to it being in the middle of Black History month, it's the day the long awaited and highly anticipated Black Panther movie hit your local multiplex. 

The new trailer has just been released with a nod to Gil Scott Heron's classic song'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' playing in the background.

But don't take my word on how awesome this movie trailer and the movie is going to be, see for yourselves.


Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Happens To Trans People, Too

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I've been checking out the messages across social media in the #MeToo campaign in which people have been talking about their experiences with sexual assault and sexual harassment.

This campaign has revealed just how huge the problem is in the United States.  It shouldn't be a surprise when you have someone who admitted they did so on tape and he still becomes president.

Because as a media person I know there are times I need to keep stuff quiet until it's ready to be released, and my elder status in this community, I have had people come to me and tell me some of their most intimate secrets.

Related image
Some of those intimate secrets have been sexual assaults and sexual harassment related . And yes, some of the people telling me about those incidents have been trans masculine and trans feminine people

So for those of you who believed Dan Patrick's and Lois Kolkhorst' lies in this recently concluded Texas legislative session, news flash for you, trans people are far more likely to be the people preyed upon.   Of the 1,490 Texas trans folks who responded to the 2015 US Trans Survey, 1% of them reported being sexually assaulted or physically attacked while in a restroom.

In other revealing information points from the 2015 US Trans Survey, nearly half of the respondents to it (47%) reported being sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime, and (10%) reported they had been sexually assaulted in the previous year (2014) .

Image result for Trans people sexual assaultThe trans respondents who have done sex work (72%) who were experiencing homelessness (65%) or who had disabilities (61%) were more likely to have experienced sexual assaults in their lifetime.

That's before I start talking about the far too numerous stories about my trans family who were sexually harassed or assaulted by law enforcement personnel, or while they were incarcerated in prisons or ICE facilities by guards and other inmates.

Image Channel 4 - Channel 4 Crocodile Dundee Trans Sexual assault for laughs yes, can't forget the Crocodile Dundee movie in which a trans woman was sexually assaulted when her crotch was grabbed in a NYC bar by Dundee and that scene was played for laughs.

Sexual assault isn't a joke, and I'm not laughing about it.   Because scenes like that can escalate quickly into anti-trans hate violence,  and murders

It is a serious issue that happens to far too many of our people, and even happened to yours truly on a METRO bus.

So yes, sexual assault and sexual assault happens to  trans people, too

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hertha Berlin Takes A Knee In Germany

Players of Berlin kneel down prior to the German Bundesliga soccer match between Hertha BSC Berlin and FC Schalke 04 in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Hertha Berlin nodded to social struggles in the United States by kneeling before its Bun
The NFL players taking a knee just got additional support from their fellow athletes across The Pond who play the other football.

The German soccer club Hertha Berlin took a knee yesterday before their Bundesliga match with Schalke which unfortunately for them was a 2-0 loss   The Hertha Berlin starters linked arms and took a knee on the pitch while their coach Pal Dardai, General Manager Michael Preetz and the rest of the Hertha team kneeled on the sidelines before kickoff in solidarity with NFL players.

"We wanted to take a stand against racism," said Hertha captain Per Skjelbred in an interview after their 2-0 loss

The symbolism of this 'take a knee' protest was magnified because Hertha Berlin plays its home games in the renovated Olympiastadion, which was built for the 1936 Olympic Games by Nazi Germany.

Germany in recent years post reunification has also had their problems with racism rearing its ugly head there as the country becomes more diverse.

Image result for hertha berlin knee
The Olympiastadion stadium announcer said to the more that 50,000 fans in attendance, "Hertha Berlin stands for diversity and against violence.  For this reason we are joining the protest by American athletes and setting a sign against discrimination."

Hertha Berlin also said in a statement on the team's Twitter account "Hertha BSC stands for tolerance and responsibility!  For a tolerant Berlin and an open minded world now and forever."

Hertha Berlin's players were unanimous in their support for yesterday's action and admitted they were inspired to do so by the NFL protests. 'We stand against racists and that's our way of sharing that  We are always going to fight against this kind of behavior as a team and as a city," said Hertha Berlin forward Salomon Kalou.

This is just another undeniable sign that the NFL players are on the right side of history.  The rest of the world is watching the unjust things you do, and are commenting on it.

And in some cases, thy are doing so by taking a knee.